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Role of a Sports Physiotherapist

A sports physiotherapist is a person who bagged a diploma in sports therapy from a recognized university. The therapist is equipped with all the skills and knowledge that is required to treat any kind of injury that an athlete falls prey to. These sports physiotherapist in Dubai will take care of all the needs of athletes.

The athletes need special treatment and it is important to take utmost care so that they can be recovered from the injury quickly. This is the reason why special physiotherapists are hired. From the training of an athlete to treating their injury, a sports physiotherapist in Dubai plays a huge role in a sports person life.

Health and body fitness are two main things of an athlete and it is important to maintain them with utmost perfection so that they would be able to perform their regular activities and play the game perfectly.

A sports physiotherapist will stand along with the sportsmen all the time and help them in the game. They will make sure that the athlete is fit and can play the game without any problem. Most of the athletes get in touch with a sports injury rehabilitation Dubai after having an injury. But it is important to have them all the time.

It is important to visit a sports injury rehabilitation Dubai clinic from time to time to have regular checkups. These clinics even provide the massages to the sports person so that they can be relieved from any kind of body pains.

There are so many things that a physiotherapist do for the athletes. They stay with them when they are playing so that if anything happens in the game, they can be there and provide the treatment immediately. Here are some of the physical treatments that are offered by a sports physiotherapist in Dubai.

Ice Pack Applications

Applying an ice pack in the place of injury is very helpful. It reduces the swelling and the pain too. almost all the physiotherapists start their treatment with this ice pack only.

Hot pack Applications

Similar to ice pack hot pack has its own benefits. If there is no swelling, then this hot pack is used. The hot pack is wrapped up in a towel and is placed on the injury. This reduces the pain and also helps in curing the injury in less time. The hot pack is also good for alleviating the muscle stiffness.

Trans-cutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulator is a small device which is operated with the help of batteries. This device sends the electric shocks in little amounts which will reduce the pain for the athletes.

Apart from this massaging and stretching, ultrasound, strengthening exercises are also provided to the athletes by a physiotherapist.

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